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West Village Construction Site Hotbed for Negligent and Unsafe Working Conditions

Tina Nguyen, a 37-year-old New York resident, was laid to rest on March 29 after being fatally struck by an errant piece of plywood. She was simply walking along West 12th Street and 7th Avenue when the piece of wood came flying off of a nearby construction site.
The site had been in repeated violation of building and safety codes since it broke ground in 2012. Complaints came from workers on the site as well as passersby who were concerned about the unsafe conditions the site created in the area. Among the complaints were steel and debris falling on workers, unsafe glass disposal and no fewer than two internal building fires. In all, the site was cited for 57 violations, 34 of which were deemed hazardous.
Accidents, both on and off the job, can happen in the blink of an eye and if they happen to you, you need to make sure you’re protected. Whether you’re injured at work and need to file a Workers’ Compensation claim or are the unfortunate victim of someone else’s negligence, you need knowledgeable and effective representation to get the damages to which you’re entitled under the law.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 3,929 workers died on the job last year, 20 percent of which were in construction. In addition to work-related injuries, thousands of bystanders suffer personal injury stemming from premises liability issues such as slipping and falling or getting struck with debris. Oftentimes, it happens without any warning. Surely, Ms. Nguyen wasn’t expecting to get hit by flying construction site debris that day. In fact, she had a right to believe the area where she was walking was safe for pedestrians.
Unfortunately, sheer negligence took her life. Despite the potentially fatal consequences, construction companies and other businesses continuously fail to maintain adequate safety standards on their premises.  Before you know it one thoughtless mistake can turn into a life-altering event.
Without an effective and committed legal advocate these victims and their families would have nowhere to go to help pay for their medical expenses or make up for their lost wages. Tina Nguyen’s death was a senseless and completely preventable tragedy and an unfortunate example of the very real hazards created by unsafe conditions for employees and bystanders alike.
Accidents happen but they don’t have to ruin your life. The [nl_link id=’216′]personal injury[/nl_link] lawyers at Lombardi and Lombardi have years of experience helping accident victims and their families get the compensation and peace of mind they deserve. [nl_link id=’143′]Contact us[/nl_link] today so we can discuss your rights and options as a victim. We will fight to get you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.



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